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Integrating digital with realspace: Global Ecommerce Summit 2016

Mobile still dominated discussion at the recent Barcelona Global Ecommerce Summit, but there were two other trends that gained traction. The first is the growing importance of B2B commerce and ways that its challenges can be overcome, and the increasing recognition that effective omnichannel is not just about data, or personalisation, but actually being personal. Whether that’s customer knowledge, brand, mission or one2one contact, the conversation appears to be moving further than simply big data.

Should we all be Rapscallions now?

It’s a truism that the future of retail is mobile, that its multichannel and that consumers (and their needs and wants) are the key criteria for success. But what does that really mean to the average business?

Four Digital Predictions for 2016

It’s incredible to think that the year 2015 is coming to its conclusion. The past twelve months have flown past, with developments that are likely to dictate the direction of the advertising industry for the next several years, from the rise of ad blockers to the rebirth of paid social as a platform that offers advertisers a new channel for acquisition.

Will 2016 be the year of mobile?

Every time you turned around in 2015 somebody somewhere was discussing the growing importance of mobile as a sales channel, with some sites seeing 50 per cent of their traffic from mobile. But just because everyone talks about it doesn’t mean everyone’s doing it. Could 2016 be the year that mcommerce becomes a central part of retail strategy?

Personalised service is key for 2015

Omnichannel personalisation is the wave of the future: multi-channel customers can mean significantly higher value than single channel, but effective service is about more than presence – it’s about convenience, relevance and timeliness. The value of a multi-channel customer is often 5 times that of a single channel customer! 60 per cent of US consumers… Read more »

Ecommerce and the Single Digital Market: What Now?

Europe is busy putting its ‘Single Digital Market’ programme together, and it is set to change how customers and businesses in Europe use the internet to sell online, segment markets by nationality, use the cloud, deliver goods and use the ‘big data’ that’s been promised on the horizon for some time.

Entrepreneurs and ecommerce

Ecommerce sales already make up nearly 10 per cent of US retail sales, a trend which is expected to accelerate. What happens in the US tends to follow around the world so if you’re planning on building an ecommerce business, now is the time to start.

What the Ecommerce Club can do for you

There is a peer to peer gap in the digital industry, and the Ecommerce Club has been set up to fill that gap. Our goal is to bring leading and developing brands together to share knowledge and expertise across their own ecommerce journey.