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Greendeck : AMAZON PRIME DAY 2019

This year’s Prime Day certainly lived up to the hype. Here is a look into Amazon’s strategy, the growth of Prime, and top performing categories and products across UK. Read more at Greendeck  

Pandora overhauls ecommerce sites

The Danish jeweller Pandora is set to overhaul its websites and boost its marketing efforts after reporting low financial results in its second quarter. Overall revenues were down 4% in the second quarter, the brand’s ecommerce stores saw growth of 20%, reaching €72 million. They are gearing up for a number of major initiatives, starting… Read more »

Klevu: A Robust Search Solution with Enterprise Level Support & Resilience

There’s a wide range of search solutions on the market, but there’s only one which truly caters for enterprise level merchants… There’s a growing number of personalized on-site search solutions available on the market today. Many implement search enrichment techniques by utilizing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. But, only a small portion of these… Read more »

Disney meets Target with ‘shop-in-shop’ store experience

Disney have plans to expand its physical store footprint further by joining up with US retailer Target to offer a ‘shop-in-shop’ store experience within 25 outlets. Launching on October 4, the experiential retail and merchandising tie-up will be augmented by a Disney digital experience with a further 40 Target stores set to join the programme… Read more »

A Shopify study shows the power of abandoned cart recovery texts

Shopify have released the results of a study from between June & July 2019 into the effectiveness of abandoned cart text messages. It found the tactic works equally well both for companies with over 1,000 sales a month and those with less than 100. One client completed 792 extra sales within 30 days. They started… Read more »

How to Nail Your Marketing Strategy: Christmas & New Year Edition

We’ve compiled the most effective marketing techniques for Christmas and New Year, to help you stand out this festive season.  If you manage or market an enterprise-level brand, it’s likely you’ve experienced the huge rush in sales during the Christmas and New Year season and understand that it’s the most profitable time of year …… Read more »

In the spotlight: ASOS

If I tell you that ‘As Seen On Screen’ is one of the leading names in fashion retail in the world, you might say ‘huh’? But if we use the acronym ASOS, things get a bit clearer! Founded in 2000, ASOS has become one of the world’s best-known and most successful pureplay e-tailers. It is… Read more »

How to Save Time and Brainpower when Choosing Your Next Ecommerce Tech Solution

This is particularly challenging for Small to Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which lag behind their larger counterparts when it comes to digital innovation. Larger companies have entire departments for innovation. Meanwhile in SMEs, resources are stretched more thinly. It often falls to a handful of mid- to upper-level managers to research and oversee the implementation of… Read more »

Nike acquires Celect the retail predictive analytics and demand sensing firm

Nike have announced its acquisition of Celect, which is a Boston-based retail predictive analytics and demand sensing firm. Nike plans to use Celect’s capabilities to execute its Consumer Director Offense strategy and offer customers a more personalized retail experience globally. Read more at Mobile Marketing Magazine  

Klarna and ASOS and grow global payments partnership into the US

The payments provider Klarna has expanded its partnership with ASOS, to include the US which means that customers in the US can now use Klarna’s Pay later and Pay in 4 payment options. The original UK partnership kicked off in 2016. Read more at Netimperative