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Why you need to work on your Amazon SEO

On Amazon, the objective for your product is to be found and to convert due to having  a convincing product detail page and having a high seo ranking. In this guide you will discover our best practices to improve your SEO on the marketplace. Read more at Ecommerce Club 

Your Guide to Trustpilot and Online Reviews

How to Make Your Business More Customer-Centric Showcase brand reputation Accelerate digital investment Inprove customer experience 10 things to consider before implementing reviews and find out more about Trustpilot. Read more at Ecommerce Club  

Retail Week Live Review

It was a pleasure to attend one of the UK Retail Sectors most prestigious events, Retail Week Live, where retailers can learn about the latest developments, trends and opportunities in order to keep up with what is now becoming a fast-changing industry, that is in both a state or turmoil and opportunity.   This year… Read more »

GDPR Consent – Are You Using It Properly?

Since the enforcement of the GDPR in May 2018, retailers and marketers have been actively looking to further understand the details behind the application of consent and have been asking questions such as ‘if I use a 3rd party marketer, what are my responsibilities?’, ‘do I really need to list out all of my data… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to AI-Powered Recommendations

Did you know that Amazon triggers 35% of its revenue from recommendations? Or that recommendations are responsible for 75% of content watched on Netflix?  Download your free Guide to AI-Powered Recommendations from Insider and explore the 5 different stages in a recommendation engine’s maturity and how you can leverage AI and Machine Learning algorithms to deliver… Read more »

Google’s broad core update Florida 2, and what it means for you

On March 13th, Google confirmed the launch of a broad core update, Update Florida 2.  What does this mean for you? First, a little background. Officially named the March 2019 Core Update, the name Florida 2 is interesting. The original Florida update was an important one in the early 2000s. Even though the official date… Read more »

Adapting to a linkless algorithm

The SEO industry has long had an obsession with links. Ever since the first connections were made between the number of links a site has and where it ranks in Google, SEOs have been on a quest for backlinks in their various forms. Over the years this has had various iterations – website directories, article… Read more »

eBay launches visual shopping feature on mobile

Ebay has launched an AI-Powered feature which will make it easier for people to browse and purchase similar-looking items when on mobile. Using computer vision technology, the eBay app can now search for items that bear a resemblance to the product you are looking at. Read more at mobile marketing magazine  

Retail app revenue share overtakes desktop

In recent research from app commerce company, Poq has found that app revenue for retailers overtook that of desktop during Q4 2018.  Poq, which powers the apps for retailers and brands such as Missguided, Belk, Holland & Barrett, Feelunique and PrettyLittleThing, has published data on what it sees in ecommerce in its “The Retailer’s Guide… Read more »