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Instagram New Checkout

The newly rolled out Instagram Checkout feature, allows users to purchase directly from the app, They are beta testing the new feature with 23 brands available to its U.S Instagram users. For the industry’s reaction. Read more at Mobile Marketing magazine

Sfmeble Success Story

Polish leader of online furniture retail maintains a consistent 5% contribution from single-page type Segmentify campaigns. Offering a broad range of products does a lot for your brand image, is, however, a challenge in ecommerce. At, we don’t limit ourselves to just one style. Because we believe that everyone is unique and has their… Read more »

Nose your customers, the smell of success

The fragrance shop unveils their ‘Sniff Bars’ with plans to roll out more locations this year. Sniff Bars have seen success in the UK as the first standalone perfume bar Consumers that use the bar can chat with a consultant face to face instead of through email. In December 2018, The Fragrance Shop (TFS) unveiled… Read more »

iAdvize just released a brand new case study with Forrester

If you’re interested to know how a fast-growing online retailer has managed to triple their conversion rate, to increase their customer loyalty by 100% and to increase their average order value, you’ll find our study very useful. You can download the study for free by clicking here.

Dune London sees 64% increase in ROI per customer

Personalising media to real people gave Dune London a 64% increase in return on investment per customer. “Not only can we show different messages to different individuals based on historical behaviour, we can also show a sequence of messages to the same person,” explains Mark Blenkinsop, digital marketing manager at Dune. Read more at Conversant… Read more »

Linking Customer Segmentation & Personalisation: What Works & Why

Customer segmentation occurs when you divide your future or current customers into discrete groups.  These often fall along the lines of preferences, needs, or demographics. There are many reasons to do this. Most often, marketers do this to identify groups of people most likely to want a product in a customer base. They also do… Read more »

Amazon closes all its popup stores

After five years of experimenting with physical retail stores, Amazon will be closing all 87 pop-up locations. Amazon had previously installed its pop-up shops in Whole Foods, Kohl’s and shopping malls they say that after much review, they came to the decision to discontinue the pop-up kiosk program and are instead expanding Amazon Books and… Read more »

Top Retailers on New Trends in Digital CX

Learn how brands are ramping up their digital customer experience (CX), with an inside look at the significant bottlenecks hindering brands’ ability to deliver a differentiated digital CX throughout the customer journey. And, how to effectively overcome these barriers.