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US retailers asking the FTC to be tougher on Big players like Google and Amazon

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), which includes Walmart, Target and Best Buy, have written a 10-page letter to the Federal Trade Commission, highlighting antitrust concerns over big tech companies. The RILA claimed that tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook need to be more strictly monitored when it comes to market dominance, and that… Read more »

Will Tesco soon have a cashierless checkout solution

Tesco is working on a cashierless checkout solution for its stores, this is according to a report in The Telegraph in which it indicates that the retailer is working with Israeli start-up Trigo Vision on technology that will allow customers to walk around its stores, load up their shopping bags and walk out without putting… Read more »

The Age of The Consumer: Building Trust in Financial Services

The digital revolution has transformed financial services. Big finance companies used to be able to rely on consumers to trust them, but in today’s FinTech revolution, bigger brands are now facing a wave of disruption. New, innovative online and mobile services are built around delighting customers, and established brands have to raise their game to… Read more »

Download Visualsoft’s Ecommerce Website Loading Speed Report

The 2018 E-Retail Performance Report from Visualsoft focusing specifically on an area of increasing importance for all online retalers: Site Speed Back in November 2017, we launched our first E-Retail Performance Report looking into how effective the top 240 UK online retailers were at meeting customer needs and achieving their growth potential. Now, several months… Read more »

Next Generation Grocery Shoppers

3 immediate ways to build loyalty and engage with today’s shoppers online. The habits of grocery shoppers are changing as consumer expectations heighten and shopping patterns shift, creating a new breed of grocery consumer. This new breed of consumer is trackable, targetable and omni-channel, but edging ever closer to being more online. This provides new… Read more »

How Visualsoft Cut Site Speed Load Times by up to 93%.

Last year, Google announced that it would be factoring mobile page speed into its mobile search rankings, as part of its ‘Speed Update’. With that in mind, we began working exclusively with Google and a number of leading online retailers on a Mobile Optimisation Core Update, to improve the performance of our responsive solutions on… Read more »

Mastercard makes Next Move into Voice

Mastercard are launching their first skill for smart speakers as part of its journey towards multisensory auditory and visual branding.  The priceless experiences skill has been devised as an audio resource for Mastercard customers wishing to locate unique experiences at home or when travelling. It works by saying ‘Open Priceless Experiences’ to an Alexa enabled… Read more »

Digital Push for Toy Retailer the Entertainer

The Entertainer Toy retailing brand have improved online sales by 32% since the launch of their new website, which was developed by LiveArea. The website speed has also increased by 18%, and conversion rates have increased by 13% since the new site launched. Read more at Netimperative

brands are cashing in on second screen advertising

Advertisers should be keeping a keen eye on the TV screen from next week, as the Love Island premiere marks the beginning of a potentially lucrative summer for brands. According to new insights released by eBay Advertising, which show that the programme inspires consumers to shop for seen-on-TV products and looks in real-time and throughout… Read more »

The Age of the Consumer: Building Trust in the Home and Garden Sector

In today’s consumer era, shoppers are more savvy, more informed and more demanding of brands than ever before. These challenges affect all industries, including retailers in the home and garden sector. To better understand consumer trust in this industry, Trustpilot and London Research surveyed 1,000 consumers in the UK and US and wrote a report… Read more »

The Curiosity Club: When marketers step away from the norm

Last week we went to London and successfully launched our brand new event, The Curiosity Club. As a company full of digital marketing experts who spend their days fully immersed in the world of email marketing, we noticed something – digital marketing is severely lacking in creativity! We see it in our own inboxes day… Read more »

EE launches UK’s next-generation mobile network 5G

EE has launched the UK’s first next-generation 5G mobile network, with a concert by rapper Stormzy live-streamed from a boat on the River Thames. The 5G mobile networks have faster downloads, but customers will need a new handset to take advantage. Read more at BBC  Thursday 30th May