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Kose launches social video commerce for its Addiction brand 

The Japanese multinational personal care company, Kose are launching a social video commerce offering for its Addiction cosmetics brand. Kose who produce premium cosmetics, skin care, and hair products, with a focus on both innovation and sustainability.. Addiction is its make-up brand, that provides a wide variety of colours and textures to create custom-made styles that… Read more »

YouTube starts verifying UK health workers 

In 2022, health videos were viewed more than three billion times in the UK alone on YouTube and Doctors, nurses and psychologists have been applying for this scheme since June and must meet rigorous criteria set by the tech giant to be eligible. Successful applicants will have a badge under their name identifying them as… Read more »

Hyundai Motor America launches in-vehicle payments   

Hyundai Motor America, are bringing in-vehicle payments to customers with the introduction of Hyundai Pay. The Hyundai Pay system allows customers to find and pay for things with their vehicle’s touchscreen using securely-stored credit card information. Payments are kept secure using tokenization, where card account details are replaced with a unique digital identifier, or token,… Read more »

Sama regrets taking Facebook moderation work

Sama who took a contract with Facebook to moderate posts in East Africa has said with hindsight it should not have taken on the job. Some Former Kenya-based employees of Sama which is an outsourcing company – have said they were traumatised by exposure to graphic posts, and some are now taking legal cases against… Read more »

More consumers are downloading Quick Service Restaurants’ apps

InMobi a leading provider of content, monetisation, and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth, released new insights from its annual survey to show the evolving consumer preferences and behaviours with Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). In the study, conducted year-over-year, it found that consumers value QSRs most notably for convenience and that loyalty programs are… Read more »

Amazon give workers a warning to come back into the office

US Amazon staff have received a warning email from the firm for not spending enough time in the office as their attendance has been tracked. Some employees were told they were “not currently meeting the expectation of joining their colleagues in the office at least three days a week.” Amazon is not the first tech… Read more »

Zoom denies training AI on calls

Zoom has updated its terms of service after backlash over worries that it trained its artificial intelligence (AI) models on customer calls. In a blog post the firm stressed that audio, video and chats were not used for AI without consent. The video-calling app acted after users noticed changes to the firm’s terms of service in… Read more »

How the world’s biggest YouTuber made millions

Jimmy Donaldson, the person the online world knows as MrBeast, is the biggest ever YouTuber, and with that status comes large sums of money. The 25-year-old has branched out from video-making and now has his own fast-food chain, MrBeast Burger. It hit headlines this week when he sued thecompaniy behind the chain,  claiming fans thought… Read more »

Revolut supports Game4Ukraine fundraiser with Instagram campaign

The Finance app, Revolut have partnered with the charity match,  Game4Ukraine, which will take place on 5 August at Stamford Bridge Stadium in London. Two teams, captained by ambassadors of the fundraising platform UNITED24, Andriy Shevchenko and Oleksandr Zinchenko, will face each other in the match, which will be followed by a live music event.… Read more »

MarTech RFP Guide: Plan, Write, & Manage a Successful Proposal

If you’re running a request for proposal (RFP) to find the right MarTech for your brand, first take a deep breath… and then get excited! You have an opportunity to better enable your marketing team and accelerate your business. Read more at Emarsys

The Omnichannel Guide to Retention & Loyalty

How are the world’s most successful brands delivering the satisfying experiences that keep customers coming back to shop again and again, while also accelerating business results? The answer: personalized, omnichannel marketing. This guide is designed to help marketing teams build and execute a 1:1 omnichannel marketing strategy that increases retention, customer loyalty, and revenue. Read… Read more »

Is Your Martech the BEST or a BUST?

Is your martech serving your needs and helping you innovate the way you engage customers? Or are you dumping time, energy, and budget into martech that does the bare minimum for you? Use this interactive checklist to benchmark your capabilities in a matter of minutes. Read more at Emarsys