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Five standout strategies to make the most of holiday retail

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is predicting an increase of approximately 4.1 per cent in retail industry sales for 2015, up from 2014’s 3.5 per cent growth. With holiday sales accounting for up to 40 per cent of a retailer’s annual sales, capitalising on growth is top of mind during this lucrative time of year.… Read more »

Building ecommerce with local knowledge

As the ecommerce market grows, and cross-border sales and international expansion become part of many business operations, understanding the importance of domestic celebrations can make a real impact on your business.

Ecommerce Design – The Perfect Ecommerce Home Page?

A successful ecommerce home page is one that engages its customers from the moment they see it. One way to ensure that you create a successful home page is to test improvements to page elements on ecommerce sites, following slowly emerging best practice.