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Customer First in 2017: moving from mobile to AI

In December, the Ecommerce Club held a wine and cheese tasting event at Clerkenwell London. While the drinks were delicious and the conversation fun, what stood out was Visualsoft’s insight into the evolution of the ecommerce environment, with mobile and the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and other innovations.

Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London: Marketing Personalities – Driving Purchases

The Ecommerce Club’s latest Working Lunch London took a look at a different way for marketers to understand the consumer, the specific factors and variables that influence buyer behaviour. While there’s no doubt that product quality and brand reputation remain important, psychological, internal and social stimuli all have a role to play in why and… Read more »

Integrating digital with realspace: Global Ecommerce Summit 2016

Mobile still dominated discussion at the recent Barcelona Global Ecommerce Summit, but there were two other trends that gained traction. The first is the growing importance of B2B commerce and ways that its challenges can be overcome, and the increasing recognition that effective omnichannel is not just about data, or personalisation, but actually being personal. Whether that’s customer knowledge, brand, mission or one2one contact, the conversation appears to be moving further than simply big data.

Ecommerce Club Working Lunch Report: Generation Commerce

The Ecommerce Club’s first Working Lunch of 2016 took place on 28th January at the Savoy. Fadi Shuman, chief executive of BORN, a new partner for the Club, gave a fascinating talk on Generation Commerce and how the expectations of a new generation of consumers is changing the way that brands compete online.

The Power of Social for Sports Brands

For any professional sports club, having lots of fans is always a good thing, but having lots of fans who also engage with the club itself is even more valuable. And in today’s world, the best way to get involved with the club you love is most definitely via social media.