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Introducing Visualsoft Partners Programme, an all-new partnership programme where partners can earn a raft of benefits and rewards by working with and promoting the Visualsoft ecosystem

Visualsoft Partners incorporates three separate partner types. Technology Partners build features that enhance the VS Commerce platform for merchants. Solution Partners work for merchants, developing ecommerce websites built using the VS Commerce platform. Finally, Community Partners grow our community of like-minded individuals and businesses which share Visualsoft solutions and merchants with one other. Verified partners… Read more »

14% of Brits buy Disney+ subscription

Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ has seen a rise in interest in the lead up to its launch on March 24th, according to new research.  The study of 2,175 internet users in the UK by GlobalWebIndex, reveals that 14% of UK already purchased a one-year subscription or will be subscribing on a monthly basis. Read… Read more »

Customise your Crocs with Jibbitz charms

Popular shoe brand Crocs have launched the Crocs Jibbitz Charmes, you can virtually customise a pair of Crocs with Jibbitz shoe charms. The new digital tool was created in partnership with LiveArea, a global customer experience and commerce agency. The tool, which has been built using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, has already triggered an 18 per… Read more »

37 of the Biggest Brands on Shopify brands on Shopify

Holding an increasing amount of global e-commerce platform marketshare, Shopify and Shopify Plus are attracting many e-commerce big-hitters. More and more brands are migrating to the platform to sell more online. Without further ado, here are the Shopify superstars. Read more at We Make Websites 

Top 6 questions customers are asking ecommerce chatbots

How AI and FAQ automation frees up time for agents and helps merchants monetise customer inquiries. Mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular, and who can blame consumers when they can now browse and shop from the comfort of their couch or compare options while they’re shopping in-store? Customers are now defaulting to their… Read more »

The Ecommerce Growth show, podcast series

“We’ve got together with some leading Ecommerce technology providers to co-produce a series of 6 thought leadership podcasts, which cover the latest developments in Headless Commerce, Personalisation, Omnichannel Marketing, Payments, Retail Management and Shipping (from our very own Natasha Jones, no less!). Sign up and we’ll send you a little early, so you can get… Read more »

Have a Shopify Plus Store – Find out how you can leverage your first-party data to accelerate your company’s revenue, growth and time-to-value

“The most valuable resource of your e-commerce store is the data in your Shopify Plus database. Strangely, many e-commerce companies don’t leverage the data they have, such as purchase data and website behaviours, for their marketing efforts. This whitepaper looks at the following: ▸ How AI and automation are shaping the future of marketing. ▸… Read more »