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How Voice Search Changes Everything

Voice-powered interactions with devices are likely to be a defining characteristic of computing over the course of the next decade. Siri co-creator Adam Cheyer

Shoppers are spending more online via their mobile than on desktop

In a study from Nosto, called The State of Fashion eCommerce in 2019 it found that Online fashion shoppers are now spending more money on mobile devices than desktops and that 46 per cent of online sales were made on a mobile device, versus 44 per cent that were made on desktop, with tablets making up the remainder. 

Why You Should Adopt Personalisation Beyond Your Homepage

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to visit Amazon without immediately being presented with product recommendations based on past purchases and other items you’ve looked at, or simply put, without ecommerce personalisation.

Get Sh*t Done Building Personas

To connect with a person, you must understand a person. Though we, as marketers, seem to be constantly developing and sharing endless and copious amounts of content and messaging to our prospects and customers, the ultimate goal is to engage in meaningful person to person marketing and communication.

Frictionless Forms

Getting people to trust you and give up their personal information is no easy feat.

How to Select a DAM

Digital asset management (DAM) systems are becoming a key part of marketing operations infrastructure.

10 ways Sales Benefits from Marketing Automation

Marketing automation gives sales teams not only new and expansive visibility into the buyer’s journey, but the ability to effectively engage with their hottest prospects and close more deals.