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BBC Together launch lets friends watch programmes together when apart

BBC has launched an experimental platform called BBC Together which lets people watch the same programme at different locations simultaneously. It works along the same lines as Netflix Party, and the service from Houseparty that enables friends to watch programmes together even if they’re apart. Read more at Mobile Marketing Magazine

Aldi partners Deliveroo

Aldi is teaming up with the courier service Deliveroo to offer grocery home deliveries as the coronavirus crisis heats up demand for online shopping. Read more at The Guardian

Toys and games retailers see revenues quadruple during lockdown

Research from Fresh Relevance, has shown that the toys and games online retail sector has seen revenues quadruple during lockdown, whilst the gifts sector, tobacco and vaping, food and drink, books and film, and the home and garden categories are all experiencing double normal revenue. Read more at Netimperative  

Five Foreign Amazon websites have been Blacklisted in the US

Five of online retail giant Amazon’s foreign websites have been placed on a blacklist by the US and the Trump administration. Its e-commerce platforms in the UK, Germany, France, India and Canada have been added to a “notorious markets” register. The US trade representative’s office said the sites facilitated the sale of counterfeit and pirated… Read more »

Spotify hits 130 million subscribers during Pandemic

Spotify has reached 130 million paid subscribers, despite initial concerns over how the Covid-19 crisis could affect listening habits. The music-streaming platform says it gained six million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020. Read more at BBC

Navigating Your Career Through The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has upended our society and what seemed normal six months ago, seems so strange and unfamiliar now. Many of us are now unexpectedly based at home dealing with the challenges of poor connectivity, less than ideal technology and often with bored children to deal with. Many people have or are under threat of… Read more »

Opinion from an Experienced eCommerce Manager, Alex Green

Everyone is facing a difficult time at the moment. I don’t need to tell you all that (or how to stay motivated, wfh, and certainly not how to exercise), but I was asked by The Fashion Network if I could give a bit of advice in uncertain times for ecommerce retailers. So with thoughts running… Read more »

Zoom boss apologises for issues around security

Zoom is pausing the development of new features to concentrate on the safety and privacy issues, in the wake of criticism from users of the app. In a blog from the Chief executive apologised for “falling short” on security issues and promised to address concerns. He said that the use of Zoom had soared in… Read more »

Food revenues rise by 75%  during Lockdown

The ecommerce revenues and conversions for Food, Electronics and Home goods have seen a rise due to the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown, however, the hardest hit verticals have seen a 15% decrease in revenues. The latest data from the Covid-19 Retail Pulse from BounceX also shows that the hardest hit ecommerce verticals saw a… Read more »

Maximising sales on Amazon’s Prime Day

Recently our Amazon Director, Dan Simmonds, spoke with WARC about how brands can maximise sales on Amazon’s Prime Day. Amazon Prime Day is the annual shopping holiday that’s exclusive to Prime subscribers. Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, deals last up to 36 hours. As an established selling event, it accounted for an estimated $7.16B in sales in 2019… Read more »

Quick-wins for your E-commerce Store Through COVID-19

Things are a bit chaotic everywhere right now—and magic wands are proving hard to find. However, We Make Websites want to help where we can. So we’ve put together some quick-win suggestions to help your Shopify store’s conversion and AOV during the COVID-19 crunch. Read more at We Make Websites