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Migrating from Magento 1

FREE white paper: Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Download our free white paper: Magento 2 has come a long way since it launched in 2015 and with support ending in June 2020, how are you preparing to migrate? We have made a comprehensive and updated guide on the best way to manage this… Read more »

China is closer than you think!

There has never been a better time to sell to Chinese consumers in the UK. The number of Chinese tourists, students and expats are expected to increase to record numbers this year. With their high spending power and love of UK brands, they represent a huge opportunity for retailers. But, despite the enormous potential, British… Read more »

12 ecommerce trends that will power ecommerce growth in 2020

2019 saw an 18% increase in online spending, with consumers spending $3.46 trillion dollars across the year. This rate of online spending shows no signs of slowing down in 2020, therefore merchants need to be looking for new ways to drive growth and build customer lifetime value. The 2020 Trends Ebook brings together 12 ecommerce… Read more »

Greenlight 2020 Predictions Magazine

Start your year right with Greenlight’s 2020 Predictions Magazine with articles on all thing’s digital commerce from 30 experts. Download your copy now. Read more at Greenlight

Spoon Guru unveils world’s first, smart food recommendation platform

Spoon Guru, the UK based tech start-up, to launch its new Health and Wellness Suite for retailers to help customers discover the right foods for their individual health needs and dietary requirements. Described as a Netflix-style curation for food, the advancement to Spoon Guru’s AI-powered food search and discovery platform will take food personalisation to… Read more »

UK high street sales slump to lowest in years

This year sees a slum in UK high street retail sales, the worst year for 25 years,  The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has found that UK shoppers cut back on spending in late 2019, rounding off the worst year since around  the mid-1990s for retail sales. Total retail spending fell by an annual 0.9 percent… Read more »

UK consumers spent more than £1bn on music streaming in 2019

Music fans in the UK spent more than £1bn on streaming music services for the first time in 2019, in figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).  The figure is four times higher than five years ago, and means that music fans spent than twice as much accessing music than they did acquiring it on… Read more »

SmartFreight, Smart Facts

If you’re in the business of selling anything online, shipping is a crucial link in the supply chain and is often the difference between a great customer experience and a bad one. It’s a vital part of your service offering, but something you rarely have full control over. Once a shipment leaves your warehouse, store… Read more »

6 reasons why customer service can help boost ecommerce sales

As the importance of customer support in user experiences skyrockets, it’s time to turn what was once seen as a costly team into a revenue stream. As the importance of customer support in user experiences skyrockets, it’s time to turn what was once seen as a costly team into a revenue stream. With the days… Read more »

How Klarna Won Over 80 Million Shoppers’ Hearts

You might have heard about Snoop Dogg investing in a fintech unicorn called Klarna, but what is the company really all about? Well, Klarna is one of the players offering ‘Buy now, pay later’, an online payment trend which is getting more popular by the minute. But what are the benefits of offering this payment… Read more »

Half of Brits will exchange data for personalised menu

Almost half of Brits have said they would be willing to hand over their data to restaurants in return for a personalised menu tailored to their likes and dietary requirements. In research, by Seven Rooms, it indicates that this is particularly the case for the younger generation, with 63% of Gen Zers willing to hand… Read more »