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37 of the Biggest Brands on Shopify brands on Shopify

Holding an increasing amount of global e-commerce platform marketshare, Shopify and Shopify Plus are attracting many e-commerce big-hitters. More and more brands are migrating to the platform to sell more online. Without further ado, here are the Shopify superstars. Read more at We Make Websites 

Top 6 questions customers are asking ecommerce chatbots

How AI and FAQ automation frees up time for agents and helps merchants monetise customer inquiries. Mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular, and who can blame consumers when they can now browse and shop from the comfort of their couch or compare options while they’re shopping in-store? Customers are now defaulting to their… Read more »

The Ecommerce Growth show, podcast series

“We’ve got together with some leading Ecommerce technology providers to co-produce a series of 6 thought leadership podcasts, which cover the latest developments in Headless Commerce, Personalisation, Omnichannel Marketing, Payments, Retail Management and Shipping (from our very own Natasha Jones, no less!). Sign up and we’ll send you a little early, so you can get… Read more »

Have a Shopify Plus Store – Find out how you can leverage your first-party data to accelerate your company’s revenue, growth and time-to-value

“The most valuable resource of your e-commerce store is the data in your Shopify Plus database. Strangely, many e-commerce companies don’t leverage the data they have, such as purchase data and website behaviours, for their marketing efforts. This whitepaper looks at the following: ▸ How AI and automation are shaping the future of marketing. ▸… Read more »

Loyalty: Up close and personal – Read the report to learn what drives customer loyalty

Ever wanted to ask your customers exactly what would stop them from shopping around? Now that the classic motivators of loyalty are long-gone, it can seem like a difficult question to answer. That’s why LoyaltyLion asked thousands of consumers what drives their loyalty. Download LoyaltyLion’s latest report, Loyalty: Up close and personal, to find out the… Read more »

Let’s Talk Shop: Skinnydip X Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the answer for high-end brands, It’s the reason those who are serious about e-commerce, are going global – and in record time.  We want to show you how.  Read this e-book taking you through global accessories brand, Skinnydip’s, full Shopify Plus journey. Read more at We Make Websites 

The Challenge of Creating Loyalty Programs

The number one goal for every business is to increase customer lifetime value. The best way to get there is by growing the number of loyal customers – ideally without sacrificing margins. Loyal customers are your most valuable asset: their love of the brand makes them spend more with you, resulting in brand advocates who… Read more »

Headless Commerce Using Shopify Plus

Hearing about Headless more and more amongst e-comm conversation? Let’s take a look at what it means, why it’s come about, and the sort of merchants it might suit. What is Headless Commerce? An e-commerce website is generally made up of the part a customer sees (the “front end” or “head”) and what the business… Read more »

Bolt joins Google Maps

  Bolt announces integration with Google maps for its ride-hailing service. Users of Googles journey planner function in Google maps will now be offered Bolt rides within the services tab Read more at Mobile Marketing Magazine

Top 5 Challenges of Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Legacy systems weren’t built to scale to today’s customers. With the rise of digital marketplaces like Amazon, fulfilment has grown more complex. Where there used to be only two ways to fulfil products (ship from warehouse, buy in store) there are now dozens. This includes popular delivery strategies like Click and Collect and Ship from… Read more »