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10 Tips to Help your Clients Handle Surging Customer Service Demand

Recent data from McKinsey reveals that the equivalent of 10 years’ worth of ecommerce deliveries was completed in just eight weeks in the midst of COVID-19. This accelerating shift to digital shopping channels was also echoed by Shopify’s CEO, Tobi Lütke, who recently stated that, “The future of retail arrived 10 years early.” So, it’s no surprise that for… Read more »

Webinar – Converting nearby customers with Googles Business messages

Google recently announced the expansion of its Business Messages feature, which gives businesses the ability to connect with nearby customers via Maps and Search. Join Heyday & Google for a webinar on September 30th with Google’s own Rob Lawson will walk retailers through the powerful benefits of Business Messages, whether you have zero, five, or… Read more »

SmartFreight / UKWA Webinar

Reduce the impact of uncertainty by learning how to cost-effectively use technology in your warehouse on a 20min webinar plus Q&A session with UKWA and SmartFreight. This certainly isn’t one to be missed… Thursday 17th September at 11am For more info visit here

Retailers can adapt to a remote-first world.

Here, our co-founder and CEO, Steve Desjarlais, reflects on the disruption of consumer shopping habits, the importance of swift adaptation for retailers everywhere, and how he expects the global retail market to change for the long-term — and the better. Read more at Heyday

The growing importance of sustainability in the online grocery sector

2019 was the year that sustainability and the environment gripped the minds and consciousness of consumers. While we sought faster delivery options online and took delight in new and experiential shopping experiences in-store, we simultaneously turned our attention to the ever-growing sea of plastic destroying our oceans and the diesel particulates choking our planet. Read… Read more »

New rules: How brands grow online

Gemma Spence, OMG Transact’s CEO recently took part in WARC’s new WARCTalks360 series, where expert contributors shared their advice on how to best navigate the shift in eCommerce strategy. Below, we summarise Gemma’s session on how to maximise your digital availability to grow your brand online. The full recording can be downloaded here (until 7th October 2020).… Read more »

The Rivals of Amazon’s one-star reviews

Amazon’s marketplace is being abused by independent sellers who are using one-star reviews to harm rivals the BBC has been told, Newsnight spoke to a number of those affected who believe their sales have suffered as a consequence. A consumer rights champion now wants a UK watchdog to investigate further, as part of a probe… Read more »

Takeaway apps what do they know about your data?

When ordering food have you ever wondered what personal data is being collected you’re your favourite takeaway online. A new study has analysed privacy policies from the UK’s most popular food apps such as Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats and more Read the report at Netimperative  

Rewriting the Playbook for Customer Support: Lessons from Decathlon Singapore

Head of Customer Engagement at Decathlon Singapore, Camille Ract, shares how she and her team ensure a seamless ecommerce experience for customers. As Head of Customer Engagement at Decathlon Singapore, Camille Ract’s team manages every single channel that fuels customer interactions. Seems like a tall order, right? It is. With emails, calls, web chats, reviews,… Read more »

Enhancing your overall customer experience with SmartFreight

Whether your offering is high street based, omnichannel, or online pure play all retailers have faced challenges with some businesses in certain sectors seeing significant spikes in order volumes leading to issues with order processing. With the Covid-19 pandemic providing a step change in the move to online it is critical that those with an… Read more »

Empathy in retail: staying on track in the time of distancing

Listening to customers has never been more integral to the success of a brand. So how can you assess your ability to empathize effectively? And better yet, how can you equip your team, your employees, and your stores with the right tools to demonstrate empathy? Read more at Heyday

Structuring internally to win in Ecommerce

As more brands pivot to online retail during COVID-19, it’s important to get the right structure within the business internally to ensure success; brands need to take a modular approach when looking at a model for growth in e-commerce, says OMG Transact’s CEO Gemma Spence. Changes in buying behaviour during COVID-19 are well-documented – more… Read more »