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SmartFreight’s Shipment Visibility

With Black Friday imminent and Christmas just around the corner, how are you geared up to cope with demand? It is estimated that despite fewer projected buyers, spending is set to increase by upwards of £400m this weekend! Chat to SmartFreight on how you can deliver the fastest, greenest and cheapest routes available across the… Read more »

Online retail is set for Black Friday, thanks to UK lockdown

With Black Friday on the way during lockdown, online retail sales are expected to jump by more than a third during the peak trading period. Online sales are forecasted to grow by between 35 and 45 per cent between 23 and 30 November. Read more at Mobile marketing Magazine   

SmartFreight’s Podcast Series and the Rise of eCommerce

The world of eCommerce offers endless possibilities for brands and consumers alike. SmartFreight’s current podcast series explores it in all its glory and shows us how now – more than ever – brands must innovate and explore the online world in order to reach their full capacity. For a sector that accelerated to a point… Read more »

ReBOUND has just become a climate positive workforce through Ecologi

ReBOUND has just become a climate positive workforce through Ecologi. so in celebration of the launch of the ReBOUND forest, we’ll plant an additional 250 trees in honour of every retailer who signs up with ReBOUND throughout November. If you sign-up to either our Starter or Professional plan between 1st-30th November, you will offset 5… Read more »

Humanizing eCommerce with Conversational AI

AI has the power to help humanize eCommerce, especially in times when distancing is the norm. Here’s how great technology can lead to memorable brand-customer interactions.  The year 2020 has seen the retail industry undergo a dramatic shift. While there has been a steady trend towards online shopping in recent years, the growth of eCommerce… Read more »

Samsung sees surge in sales from rival Huawei’s ban

Samsung Electronics has reported record revenues of £45.4bn in its third quarter. The strong revenues were fuelled by a 50% jump in smart phone sales, while profits from microchips rocketed 82%. Read more at BBC

What’s Your 2021 Business Strategy?

SmartFreight can be used as an effective tool to plug into your platform for things such as automatic consignment from your shopping cart, as well as seamless invoice reconciliation – just to name a few! We specialise in simplifying the supply chain, especially in the area of integration complemented by our Enterprise level shipping platform.… Read more »

John Lewis services to deliver growth

John Lewis is set for a big shake up. The 91-year-old partnership, which includes Waitrose, has seen a slump in profits and has been forced to cancel the staff bonus for the first time since 1953. With more shoppers having moved online during the pandemic, John Lewis is now looking to offer more virtual services… Read more »

How can auto brands futureproof their businesses in a digital world?

Convenience is now everything and digital disruption has prompted major shifts in consumer expectations. Today, automotive brands aren’t just tasked with delivering a high-quality, reliable vehicle – they’re expected to make the trip simpler, more comfortable and more enjoyable. This has only intensified with the explosion of new models around sharing and owning a car.… Read more »