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Enhancing your overall customer experience with SmartFreight

Whether your offering is high street based, omnichannel, or online pure play all retailers have faced challenges with some businesses in certain sectors seeing significant spikes in order volumes leading to issues with order processing. With the Covid-19 pandemic providing a step change in the move to online it is critical that those with an… Read more »

Empathy in retail: staying on track in the time of distancing

Listening to customers has never been more integral to the success of a brand. So how can you assess your ability to empathize effectively? And better yet, how can you equip your team, your employees, and your stores with the right tools to demonstrate empathy? Read more at Heyday

Structuring internally to win in Ecommerce

As more brands pivot to online retail during COVID-19, it’s important to get the right structure within the business internally to ensure success; brands need to take a modular approach when looking at a model for growth in e-commerce, says OMG Transact’s CEO Gemma Spence. Changes in buying behaviour during COVID-19 are well-documented – more… Read more »

6 Common Chatbot Myths Debunked

Learn about the common misconceptions about AI chatbots, so you know exactly what to expect, and what not to expect, as you begin drafting your AI strategy. Read more at Heyday 

Is America about to split the internet?

With the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying that he wants a “clean” internet. He means that is he wants to remove Chinese influence, and Chinese companies, from the internet in the US. Critics believe this will bolster a worrying movement towards the breaking up of the global internet. The so called “splinternet” is… Read more »

Lockdown sparks surge in online games purchases

The lockdown has sparked a surge in online retail purchases of games. Games retailer Liberty Games has seen a year on year increase of 350% since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Whilst some families are starting to venture out of the house since restrictions have lifted, others have invested their money… Read more »

Amazon given green light to collect stake in Deliveroo

Amazon has been given the greenlight to complete its purchase of a 16 per cent stake in London-based food delivery company Deliveroo by the UK’s competition regulator. Amazon’s intention to invest in Deliveroo was announced back in May. Read more at Mobile Marketing Magazine   

Hong Kong launches share index of tech giants

A new share index focused on China’s technology giants has been launched by Hong Kong’s stock market. The Hang Seng Tech Index went live on Monday and includes internet giants such as Tencent, Alibaba and, It will feature 30 of the largest tech firms listed in Hong Kong Read more at BBC

Lockdown habits before and after lockdown

Supermarkets and DIY stores maintained the highest store footfall during lockdown, as the virus pandemic has sped up, however, they switched to digital, with an in-store focus on buying not browsing. Mobile-first advertising company TabMo has launched its full research study into the UK’s shopping habits with the aim being able to make sense of… Read more »

Google launches video shopping app

Google, have launched a video shopping platform which will let users discover, review, and buy products all in one place. On the Shoploop platform, all videos are shorter than 90 seconds, providing a way for users to quickly review products and help out those who may be interested in possibly buying certain items. Read more… Read more »

Large Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam

Billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are among many top US figures targeted by hackers on Twitter in an apparent Bitcoin scam. The official accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Kanye West also requested donations in the cryptocurrency. Twitter said it was a “co-ordinated” attack targeting its employees “with access to internal… Read more »