Brands Sound Off: How Shoppable Video Will Change the Game for the Post-Pandemic Retail World

Social commerce combines the persuasive power of social media and e-commerce to deliver immersive shopping experiences. Recent research predicts that, by 2028, the global market size for social commerce will have grown by 28.4% to US$3,370 billion, with China being the current forerunner.

Interactive shoppable videos, an important component of social commerce, are those that viewers can click to browse product details, make purchases, and perform other tasks. To explore how organizations in the U.K. are leveraging shoppable video, Cloudinary held a virtual event called Shoppable Video Panel and Mixology on September 29 in partnership with The Ecommerce Club, which is dedicated to encouraging and supporting retailers in developing e-commerce expertise. The panel was hosted by Pradip Lal, senior product marketing manager for Cloudinary. The panelists, who hailed from different verticals but shared common viewpoints on the outstanding role Shoppable Video plays in marketing’s future, were—

  • Muna Khan, CTO, Science in Sport (SIS)
  • Nick King, head of insights and director of market research, Autotrader
  • Camilla Tress, connected commerce lead, Oliver Bonas

Here’s a summary of the discussions at the event:

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