Brands get new direct channel in Twitter DM

Twitter has launched another salvo in the direct messaging wars, announcing that from 20th April brands, and individuals, will be able to direct message anyone on the network.

Users will now be able to change their settings to DM anyone, or any company, that they follow. Twitter users can now respond to messages sent by that account even if the account does not follow that individual.

For some time, Twitter’s messaging facility has been considered a weak point, especially in terms of the growing popularity of direct messaging. WhatsApp, a popular service owned by Facebook, recently announced that it had reached 800 million active users, up from 600 million in August. While Twitter had about 288 million active users as of the fourth quarter.

The changes are likely to make Twitter’s messaging service more useful to a wide variety of users, especially brands. Corporations will be able to reach out to their followers with special deals and receive responses directly on the service.