Global Selling in a Digital Age: Unpacking SHOPLINE’s Re-Imagine Summit Highlights

3rd November 2023

SHOPLINE is recognised as Asia’s leading modern commerce platform. Offering an extensive suite of native technologies, resources, and strategic partnerships, SHOPLINE is dedicated to empowering merchants to achieve success. With SHOPLINE, brands and retailers have access to robust omnichannel solutions encompassing ecommerce, social commerce, and point-of-sale. Read More at Shopline  

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Undeclared pools in France found by AI technology

30th August 2022

There has been a discovery of thousands of undeclared private swimming pools in France that has provided an unexpected windfall for French tax authorities. Following an experiment using artificial intelligence, more than 20,000 hidden pools were discovered and they amass some €10m ($9.9; £8.5m) in revenue, French media is reporting. Pools can lead to higher… Read more »

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Nato investigates hacker sale of missile firm data

26th August 2022

Nato is assessing the impact of a data breach of classified military documents being sold by a hacker group online. The data includes blueprints of weapons being used by Nato allies in the Ukraine war. Criminal hackers are selling the dossiers after stealing data linked to a major European weapons maker. MBDA Missile Systems admitted… Read more »

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Amazon offers same-day delivery direct from local stores

2nd August 2022

Amazon is offering Prime members in the US the option to shop directly from their local retail stores through the Amazon app and on and have their purchases delivered the same day. Additional retailers are due to join the service in the coming months and they include Sur La Table and 100% Pure. Read… Read more »

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Mark Zuckerberg faces fall in advertising sales for the first time

28th July 2022

Zuckerberg saw Meta’s total revenue drop 1% to $28.8bn (£23.7bn). Rival apps, such as TikTok, have gained masses of popularity in the past 3 years. Meta holds 20% of the global ad market and warned investors that ad sales were likely to fall again in the coming months. “Essentially it’s now become a low-to no-growth… Read more »

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Hotter owner Unbound launches multi-brand platform targeting

26th July 2022

Unbound Group, the parent company of Hotter Shoes have announced the launch of its curated multi-brand platform, with a further Autumn Winter launch of the platform on track to be completed in September. Offering a range of partner brands for its core 55+ customer demographic. The platform has launched with Hotter and seven specialist footwear brands, with… Read more »

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Drones help World Cup protect stadiums

23rd July 2022

Man-to-man marking will be paired with drone security at this winter’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Unmanned aerial vehicles that shoot nets to bring down small “rogue” drones will help defend venues. Fortem Technologies are to provide the interceptor drones, following an agreement with Qatar’s interior ministry. It says the agreement reflects growing fears about… Read more »

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Twitter suffers decline in revenue

22nd July 2022

Twitter’s 2nd quarter results have been released, the social media company made some baby steps towards stability in revenue and audience retention, but was held back by the ongoing chaos caused by its delayed purchase by Elon Musk and advertisers cutting budgets. Twitter followed suit in announcing its overall revenue for the three months to 30 June… Read more »

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Shopify and YouTube launch YouTube Shopping

19th July 2022

Shopify and Tube have launched YouTube Shopping, which is a social shopping service that will enable Shopify merchants to easily integrate their online store with one of the world’s biggest entertainment platforms, reaching over 2bn monthly logged-in users. Read more Mobile Marketing Magazine

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Shopify and YouTube partner up to launch YouTube Shopping; a social shopping service

19th July 2022

Shopify and YouTube have launched YouTube Shopping, a shopping service to allow YouTube’s large user base, of up to 122 million users daily, easily access the ecommerce site by using the world’s largest entertainment sites. This new shopping service allows Shopify merchants to advertise and sell their products on YouTube in three ways; YouTube Live: which… Read more »

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EE to block pirate music Apps and mobile sites

12th July 2022

EE will become the first UK mobile network to block access to pirate music websites. Music-industry body the British Phonographic Institute successfully petitioned the courts to block file-sharing site The Pirate Bay in 2012. The High Court then ordered home-broadband providers, including EE, to block more than 70 websites that allow people to download music… Read more »

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Data watchdog reprimands government over use of messaging apps and private email during the pandemic

11th July 2022

The Department of Health has been reprimanded over ministers’ and officials’ use of messaging apps and private email during the pandemic. Using WhatsApp and other apps had meant information on the handling of the pandemic could have been lost. The Information Commissioner’s Office said. It has asked government to carry out a review of the… Read more »

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Rules at Google blocked children’s diabetes app

5th July 2022

An NHS-recommended app for managing Type 1 diabetes tell how Google won’t let it send text message alerts to the parents of young children using it, via the app.  For two years Google have blocked it from the Play Store as it has argued that the text service was not a “core function”.  The app,… Read more »

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