What’s Your 2021 Business Strategy?

22nd October 2020

SmartFreight can be used as an effective tool to plug into your platform for things such as automatic consignment from your shopping cart, as well as seamless invoice reconciliation – just to name a few! We specialise in simplifying the supply chain, especially in the area of integration complemented by our Enterprise level shipping platform.… Read more »

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WhatsApp launches in-app payments service

16th June 2020

WhatsApp has launched their first in-app payments service, after a beta test in India. The service will go live in Brazil first, with future plans to roll out to other regions, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. The payments are made through Facebook Pay, which parent company Facebook said last year it… Read more »

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Shops reopen after lockdown

15th June 2020

Non-essential shops in England have are starting to reopen their doors, for the first time since March amid the Coronovirus pandemic. Many small retailers fear for their survival amid a boom in online sales and new social distancing rules. Many retailers have seen an online boom during lockdown and recognise this may be the future… Read more »

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Cancer charity Clic Sargent launches #ChallengeImpossible a streaming fundraising campaign

10th June 2020

UK charity CLIC Sargent for young cancer patients, has launched a #ChallengeImpossible campaign in support of its ‘Player Vs Cancer’ initiative aimed at streamers which is a popular activity for children with cancer. The launch comes at a time where CLIC is forecasting a 60 per cent fall in income over the next six months.… Read more »

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Snapchat taps into the social selling boom with launch of dynamic ads

3rd June 2020

Snapchat tap into the swift shift in D2C and retailer ecommerce brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, they have joined the social media foray with the launch of dynamic ads. The offering makes it easier for retailers and brands to set up shop on the picture messaging app and will allow anyone with a dynamic… Read more »

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Instacart launches in-app safety hub to protect its shopper community

22nd May 2020

US online grocery firm Instacart have launched a shopper in-app safety hub to support its shopper community. The safety hub is available for all shoppers now, with new features arriving over the coming weeks.  An Instacart shopper is a person paid by Instacart to shop for groceries at local stores the company is partnered with… Read more »

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Almost half of ecommerce searches on Google drive no clicks at all

20th May 2020

Almost half of all ecommerce searches on Google never result in consumers clicking through to a retail or other website according to a study from Searchmetrics. Findings show retailers are not seeing the same volume of traffic from organic search as before. The study analysed clickstream data in the US for approximately 1 million typical… Read more »

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BBC Together launch lets friends watch programmes together when apart

19th May 2020

BBC has launched an experimental platform called BBC Together which lets people watch the same programme at different locations simultaneously. It works along the same lines as Netflix Party, and the service from Houseparty that enables friends to watch programmes together even if they’re apart. Read more at Mobile Marketing Magazine

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Aldi partners Deliveroo

18th May 2020

Aldi is teaming up with the courier service Deliveroo to offer grocery home deliveries as the coronavirus crisis heats up demand for online shopping. Read more at The Guardian

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Just Eat slams approval of Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo

18th May 2020

Just Eat has slammed watchdog’s decision to give the go-ahead to Amazon’s £442m investment in Deliveroo during the coronavirus crisis. Read more at City.A.M   

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Toys and games retailers see revenues quadruple during lockdown

10th May 2020

Research from Fresh Relevance, has shown that the toys and games online retail sector has seen revenues quadruple during lockdown, whilst the gifts sector, tobacco and vaping, food and drink, books and film, and the home and garden categories are all experiencing double normal revenue. Read more at Netimperative  

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Amazon sales boom

1st May 2020

Amazon sales have grown faster than expected as more people have shopped online amid COVID-19, but it has missed on earnings as COVID-19-related costs across the supply chain increased. The online retail giant said it plans to spend all of its profit for the second quarter of this year, an estimated $4 billion, on its… Read more »

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Five Foreign Amazon websites have been Blacklisted in the US

30th April 2020

Five of online retail giant Amazon’s foreign websites have been placed on a blacklist by the US and the Trump administration. Its e-commerce platforms in the UK, Germany, France, India and Canada have been added to a “notorious markets” register. The US trade representative’s office said the sites facilitated the sale of counterfeit and pirated… Read more »

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