New Tool checks phone numbers from Facebook data breach

8th April 2021

As details of more than 530 million people were leaked in a database online, largely consisting of mobile numbers. People can now enter their phone numbers into a website to see if they appeared in a recent Facebook data breach. Facebook says the data is from an “old” breach in 2019 but privacy watchdogs are… Read more »

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Will the Snapchat deal see Alibaba integrate ecommerce into messaging?

18th March 2015

China’s leading ecommerce platform, Alibaba, is understood to have invested $200m (out of a funding round of $500m) for a stake in Snapchat. There are a number of things this deal could herald, both for Snapchat and for Alibaba.

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Online shopping overtakes in-store says study, while John Lewis click and collect soars

16th March 2015

With the vast majority of people owning at least one device that can access the internet, today’s consumer is truly connected. Although, in the scheme of things smartphones, tablets and ereaders are all relatively new inventions, they are things that consumers have rapidly adopted and integrated into their lives.

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Adidas to expand the endless aisle

15th March 2015

Adidas is reported to be extending the concept of the endless aisle, through building near field communications (NFC) into its products (footwear, apparel and sporting equipment) in the hopes of being able to extend its communication with customers through millions of new touchpoints

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Are you getting lost in the Digital Skills Gap?

14th March 2015

We are living in a digitally driven business world – where it is considered unacceptable (and almost suicidal) to fall behind with digital trends and technologies.

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What the Ecommerce Club can do for you

10th March 2015

There is a peer to peer gap in the digital industry, and the Ecommerce Club has been set up to fill that gap. Our goal is to bring leading and developing brands together to share knowledge and expertise across their own ecommerce journey.

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Tribes of Behaviour and Ecommerce Strategy

9th March 2015

The next Ecommerce Club Working Lunch, hosted by Oban Digital and supported by Summit Media, will explore the impact of tribes of behaviour on developing an ecommerce strategy.

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Ecommerce Club Lunch: how predicting the future helps Argos take control

4th March 2015

No one can deny the importance of predicting the future, or its difficulty. After all, it was Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer who predicted back in 2007 that the iPhone wasn’t likely to achieve significant market traction!

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Ecommerce Design – The Perfect Ecommerce Home Page?

23rd February 2015

A successful ecommerce home page is one that engages its customers from the moment they see it. One way to ensure that you create a successful home page is to test improvements to page elements on ecommerce sites, following slowly emerging best practice.

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Mcommerce continues to power ahead

17th February 2015

Numbers out from mobile commerce sales over Valentine’s Day reports sales in the US up 35 per cent over 2014. And with mobile accounting for nearly half of online traffic, it’s clear that a mobile strategy is a must have for retailers.

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Talk about multichannel – the drones are coming

16th February 2015

Ecommerce is about the customer experience. Can the customer get what they want, when they want it? News that the US is one step closer to drone deliveries just means a wider set of options.

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UK online retail fraud on the increase

22nd January 2015

The latest figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) showed that retail industry fraud was up on 2014; it was reported that cyber attacks pose a critical threat to retail businesses.

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Criteo reports key ecommerce trends for 2015

22nd January 2015

Criteo launched its 2015 eCommerce Industry Outlook report, highlighting key trends expected to have a significant impact on the industry over the course of 2015.

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