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Scalable International Commerce

The Ecommerce Club and its’ partners Trustly, Kooomo, Oracle+ Bronto, Oban International and Yieldify hosted a working lunch on International growth last week at our fave venue Gordon Ramsey’s Heddon Street Kitchen. Luke Flomo from Trustly chaired instead of me and he...

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The ultimate guide to email capture

What’s unglamorous, unsexy and old school…but also one of the most effective digital marketing channels around? Here’s a hint: Last year, email automation company Campaign Monitor reported a $44 return on every $1 spent on email (up from $38 in 2015 and $34 in 2014)....

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Customers as a channel

According to Forrester two of the top three types of advertising content that consumers deem most trustworthy are created not by brands, not by agencies – but by customers. These include: 1. Brand or product recommendations from friends and family 2....

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New Adidas app learns about you

Adidas launched a new shopping app which learns customer preferences, behaviour and how they interact with the app, which then offers customised recommendations, personalised blogs and articles plus videos and real-time updates on sports, athletes and products that...

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