Are you getting lost in the Digital Skills Gap?

We are living in a digitally driven business world – where it is considered unacceptable (and almost suicidal) to fall behind with digital trends and technologies. As Richard Branson recently highlighted, UK businesses will suffer if they do not see the value of ‘digital know-how’.

Even if you do recognise the true value of digital in this always-on age, it’s not always easy to keep up with the rapid changes across the industry. With a lot of discussion in the press and wider business community about the current ‘digital skills gap’, surely it’s time to tackle this issue head on? The Digital Marketing Show Mid Term has been created to address this growing digital dilemma.

Taking place on the 13th May 2015 at the Institute of Education, London, the Digital Marketing Show Mid Term will deliver creative, current and expert advice and information to ensure you can continue to compete in the changing digital world. Join key thought-leaders from Google, Three, Shutterstock and Hootsuite (and more!) to learn more about the important trends that will remain crucial throughout 2015.

From managing your mobile success, to the importance of creative testing, and how to build an advocate community around your brand, to the evolution of attribution, Mid Term will offer valuable digital discussions. Not only will you get to hear from these key thought-leaders from significant industry-leading brands but there will be plenty of opportunity to network with these digital marketing gurus and like-minded professionals!

Tickets to the cutting-edge conference are only £99 – and if you book now, you’ll save £30 off the original price!

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