A Successful Email Newsletter

We need our prospects to know us, like us and trust us if they’re ever going to do any business with us. And we have to keep that know/like/trust level high if we want to keep them as customers. That’s a precious thing – when someone trusts what you say. It can’t be bought, but it can be nurtured.   Email newsletters certainly aren’t the only tool that helps our audiences come to know, like and trust us. But they are one of the best. A regular, reliable newsletter that delivers useful, interesting information to our ideal customers and our existing customers nurtures trust. It also builds familiarity  and every issue you send is building a habit with your readers. The ideal is that they will look forward to your newsletter, even set aside a few minutes with a cup of coffee to enjoy it. Sound like a lofty goal? Maybe so, maybe not. But after reading and applying what you learn in this eBook, you’ll be able to deliver a newsletter that’s worth reading and will, over time, build trust and familiarity with your audience.

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