Month: September 2018

Snapchat and Amazon Crete Visual Search Tool

Snap has announced it’s testing a new visual search tool for its app that will enable users to check Amazon for products and shop for items directly from the app.

The complete guide to customer loyalty

Marketers love customer acquisition; new traffic, new buyers, new social media fans, new email subscribers. For this reason, marketing strategies tend to go heavy on acquisition over retention.

Holiday marketing for e-commerce checklist

There’s no more crucial period in the Ecommerce calendar than Q4 when major holidays such as Halloween and Christmas collide with discount days like Black Friday.

Apple and Google-pay arrive at 7-eleven

Later this month 7-Eleven customers at ‘most’ US stores will be able to finally use both Apple Pay and Google Pay to complete their purchases.

Creating urgency to purchase

In the distant past, our very survival depended on being in the know. To not be aware of a new food source, for example, meant you could literally miss out on something that could mean the difference between life and death.