Month: April 2018

Tap into Your Empathetic Side

Emotionally intelligent marketing is about so much more than just being nice to your customers (although that’s helpful too) some marketers just have that it factor.

Amazon sees 43% rise in sales

Amazon has seen a 43% rise in sales in the first quarter of 2018. Investors grow ever confident about the ecommerce giant’s new businesses including subscription services, advertising and cloud computing.

When does online fraud start to turn away real customers

Sure, there are plenty of measures that retailers can take to ensure that they’re as protected as possible against fraud. Having a world class Ecommerce platform with a built in automatic order system and algorithms designed to detect fraud is one that we happen to know a thing or two about! And sure, there are lots of ways that you can limit the amount of fraudulent transactions coming through your online store.

Don’t Push This Technology Under The Radar

Consumers spend more than 5 hours on smartphones. Tap them on the shoulder with push notifications and increase conversions. For a long time, marketers have used SMS and email to communicate with consumers.