Month: January 2018

Top 5 Al Companies

TGDaily’s top AI Companies featured are the artificial intelligence companies apart from the usual tech magnates.

Yieldify Case Study: The ultimate guide to email capture

How to get your website visitors to subscribe to your email lists. What’s unglamorous, unsexy and old school…but also one of the most effective digital marketing channels around? Here’s a hint: Last year, email automation company Campaign Monitor reported a $44 return on every $1 spent on email (up from $38 in 2015 and $34 in 2014). Read the… Read more »

How AI can streamline the shoe design process

Individuality is highly valued in today’s fashion world, with fashion enthusiasts constantly trying to stay one step ahead before the next latest and greatest trend takes hold.

Kooomo’s eCommerce GDPR Checklist

Step by step, ensure your online store is ready: This checklist should point to any potential red flags in your data protection procedures and point towards steps that should be taken to maximise data security and minimise the risks of GDPR non-compliance.

CRO with Knobs On

We held another successful Ecommerce Club Lunch on Wednesday January 17th with our partner Yieldify and their CEO Jay Radia in the hot seat speaking about how CRO is a thing of the past and highlighting that Customer Journey Optimisation is now where it’s at!  CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is where you tweak parts of your website based on user testing to increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers or perform a desired action.