Month: November 2017

Thanksgiving is the best day for Black Friday marketing

For Marketers and brands looking to reach out to customers during Black Friday sales mania are being advised to get their messaging out on Thanksgiving for the best success rates.  Constant Contacts looked to find the best moment to click send on email marketing for the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday, after seeing that… Read more »

New Adidas app learns about you

Adidas launched a new shopping app which learns customer preferences, behaviour and how they interact with the app, which then offers customised recommendations, personalised blogs and articles plus videos and real-time updates on sports, athletes and products that would be of interest to them. Read more: Mobile Marketing Magazine  

Case Study Kooomo: La Sportiva case study here – On Top of the World

La Sportiva Ecommerce Manager, Francesco Trenti agrees, “Kooomo has helped us increase our brand awareness with site visits growing every month. Compared to the same month last year, organic traffic has increased by over 500% from Germany and 120% from France. Since going live we have already shipped to approximately 50 countries from Sweden to… Read more »