Month: February 2017

Telefonica launches Aura to manage data

Telefonica is seeking to put its customers in the driving seat as far as their data is concerned with the release of a new digital personal assistant called Aura.

Ecommerce Club Working Lunch: Creating a consistent brand on and offline

At the Ecommerce Club London Working Lunch: Creating a consistent brand on & offline on 23rd February we were lucky enough to be joined by Lightspeed and up and coming fashion brand Charlotte Zimbehl to explore how to overcome the hurdles in ensuring a consistent approach to your customers across different channels.

Nisa success leads to Zapper expansion

Following a successful roll out of m-payments in Nisa convenience stores around Peterborough in 2016, Zapper is extending the reach of its all-in-one payments, loyalty and vouchering platform to more convenience stores around the UK.

The Art of the Possible: Marketing Playbook Workshop

This month for Charlotte Zimbehl, we brought together a mix of experts to help the brand explore its best opportunities for marketing on a small budget. We opened with a discussion about what makes a good marketing experience, what engages us as marketers.

Amaze One calls for human not programmatic marketing

Amaze One is launching a call to arms for the industry to address the need and importance of human insight for successful marketing programmes – and explaining how addressing this now will help hugely once EU regulation sets in.

Snapchat glasses now at

Augmented reality takes another step as Snap, parent of Snapchat, launches its X glasses online. As its IPO approaches, this is the first time the glasses have been available outside vending machines.