Month: April 2015

Building ecommerce with local knowledge

As the ecommerce market grows, and cross-border sales and international expansion become part of many business operations, understanding the importance of domestic celebrations can make a real impact on your business.

Mobile ecommerce leads the way in the UK

According to the latest information in Adven’s Mobile Payments Index mobile ecommerce is on the up again, with the UK leading the way – 44.4 per cent of online payments in the UK during Q1 2015 were made using a mobile device, and two thirds of these were made using a smartphone. to be Condé Nast ecommerce platform

STYLE.COM is become the home of Condé Nast’s new ecommerce business, according to Charles Townsend, CEO of Condé Nast, and Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and chief executive of Condé Nast International, losing its news and style content.

Profitability remains a challenge for omnichannel

A new JDA study reveals an enormous amount of money, energy and time retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are spending to improve their omnichannel sales capabilities, but only 16 per cent can fulfil demand profitably.

Entrepreneurs and ecommerce

Ecommerce sales already make up nearly 10 per cent of US retail sales, a trend which is expected to accelerate. What happens in the US tends to follow around the world so if you’re planning on building an ecommerce business, now is the time to start.

Global Ecommerce Summit Barcelona

The Global E-commerce Summit is the one and only truly global summit on online retailing. During three days, leading e-commerce experts, global brands and e-retailers from all over the world will be gathering under one roof. Industry leaders will be sharing their experiences and insights with delegates from more than 40 different countries! New this… Read more »

Retail Fraud Show, London 23rd April

In the real world, offline fraud fuels online and vice versa. In the real world, successful Loss Prevention solutions don’t rely on any one department, but on inter-departmental collaborations. Shrink reduction is not just about technical solutions. In the real world it is about cultural issues too… In the real world, being able to exchange… Read more »