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We are a member-led group dedicated to encouraging and supporting retailers in developing ecommerce expertise. Building collaboration through information sharing, market insight, networking and events, we’re bringing the industry together to develop best practice for an omnichannel future.


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The Ecommerce Club Manchester: To see or not to see, that is the question

To get people to buy from your website, you need to be able to understand what makes them tick. Understanding the psychology behind what makes your customers return to your website over and over again and what they expect from you in terms of communications, context, offers and product is key to keeping them engaged and loyal to your business.

Most of the decisions consumers make are subconscious and few are made consciously. There’s a world of difference between selling something to someone who instinctively knows what they want, to selling to someone who is consciously and laboriously weighing up their buying options.

Join us for a pre-Christmas get together at the Endless Gain head office in Manchester on Wednesday 7th December from 2:00pm to 6:00pm with, presentations from Neil Mckay, CEO of Endless Gain and more to be announced.

It is free for retailers and ecommerce brands (no agencies) to attend.

As a tonic for the post Cyber Weekend come down we are hosting an evening of wine tasting matched with tasty food, learning and networking with your retail and ecommerce peers. Join the Ecommerce Club at Clerkenwell London for this exclusive event on Thursday, December 1st from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. A great way to chill out and relax after the stresses of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Please note Ecommerce Club events are for retailers and ecommerce brands to attend only.

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