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We are a member-led group dedicated to encouraging and supporting retailers in developing ecommerce expertise. Building collaboration through information sharing, market insight, networking and events, we’re bringing the industry together to develop best practice for an omnichannel future.


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Retail is one of the most fundamental of business practices, yet the impact of technology, both in the B2C and B2B space has transformed the way in which it works. Personalised experiences, personal knowledge and interactions have transformed the customer’s expectations and no matter your sphere of operation, the threats and opportunities remain a tangled web for many.

Most importantly, technology is redefining the way in which corporate, customers and consumers communicate. It’s no longer about just the technology but how you can reinvent that personalised engagement, where it doesn’t feel like a mechanised response but a truly human experience. The differentiation between B2B and B2C is no longer critical, rather it is the question of is this what I want, can I change it, can I control my information? What customers are looking for now is the human to human experience.

Innovation is redefining the difference between success and failure, whether that’s in personalisation, manufacturing or brand engagement. What matters is ensuring that the innovations you select are right for you and your business, and that your business provides an environment in which innovation can thrive.

Join the The New Era of H2H: e-Innovation on 20th September from 1:30pm to 6:00pm at Rich Mix to discuss how innovation can impact your business, how to assess what works for you and your customers, and to understand how to make innovation work for you. This event will stimulate ideas, instigate discussion build an understanding of what it means to embed innovation throughout the business – all while showcasing some of the latest tech to help you evolve your business.

Join us for our relaxed summer BBQ in ultra cool Queen of Hoxton rooftop bar in Shoreditch where we will provide beer, wine, softs, BBQ foods and two keynote talks from Visualsoft and Annoushka on The Price of Luxury, selling at full price in a discounted environment and plenty of opportunity to network with your peers.

Each ecommerce platform varies depending on what you’re selling, in the case of niche and luxury goods, visuals, online chats and descriptions can be key essentials. But how do these essentials vary when selling on affiliate platforms and how do you differentiate yourself when selling in this discounted environment.

Join Visualsoft and Louise Lyons, Head of Ecommerce at Annoushka Ltd the fine jewellery company to discuss bucking the trend of discounts online and meeting the challenges of selling items at the highest end of the digital market.

When: Tuesday 9th August at The Queen of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3JX  from1:00pm until 4:30pm. Each retailer can reigster for two tickets so we can ensure there are enough places to go around the Ecommerce community.

There will be an informal steering committee in the late afternoon to discuss future topics, speakers and Ecommerce Club event formats which we would be keen to get feedback on from our retail members and founding partners.

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