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We are a member-led group dedicated to encouraging and supporting retailers in developing ecommerce expertise. Building collaboration through information sharing, market insight, networking and events, we’re bringing the industry together to develop best practice for an omnichannel future.


Our current events

Bridging the Mobile-Revenue Gap

About this Event

The panel will include Sarah Willcocks, CEO of Screen Pages, Belinda Robinson, Co-Founder of Cocobay, and Paul McDermott, Ex-Head of Marketing & Ecommerce at Ryman. We will look at the growth of mobile shopping and how ‘Progressive Web Apps’ have a proven record of increasing conversion on mobile due to their responsive, app-like functionality and incomparable UX. Any brand selling online will need to consider the gains from having a mobile responsive app if they haven’t already and this panel discussion will help to inform that strategy.

Event Partners:

Screen Pages : is a leading full-service eCommerce agency with a difference. We help merchants stay ahead of their competition and grow online through digital innovation and transformation. We are leaders in Responsive and Progressive Web Application development in the UK and Middle East, helping merchants deliver mobile-first, fast, easy to use, best-practice websites for consumer and trade customers alike. Since the agency was founded, we have successfully delivered transactional websites for over 280 brands.

Discussion Points:

  • What is PWA
  • The differences between a responsive website and mobile apps
  • What are the benefits of an ecommerce business having a PWA
  • Examples of fashion & FMCG brands using PWA
  • What are the costs to having a PWA
  • The future of mobile commerce and how it interacts with other retail channels

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Cart Abandoment Strategies

An interactive workshop looking at how best to reduced your cart abandonment. Taking place on Wednesday 21st April between 2pm and 3pm.

About this Event

The Fashion Network in association with The Ecommerce Club present ‘Cart Abandoment Strategies’

Discussion Points Include:

  • Most common reasons for abandonment?
  • Common practices to minimis these?
  • What role does security play in abandonment?
  • How can good UX help?
  • What role does returns policies play?
  • How does shipping costs affect the purchasing process?
  • Customers services
  • What payment options are best to have?
  • Post abandonment strategies

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Globalising Your Ecommerce Business

A webinar aimed at providing FMCG retail business with the key knowledge to expand…

About this Event

The Fashion Network & Ecommerce Club present ‘Globalising Your Ecommerce Business’. Taking Place on Wednesday 10th March between 2pm & 3pm.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Why go global, the strategic considerations?
  • What team do you need in place?
  • Managing customs & duties
  • Fulfilment & shipping strategies
  • Language & cultural differences
  • Payments, FX & currency considerations
  • 3rd Party Marketplaces
  • Tax & legal implications

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