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We are a member-led group dedicated to encouraging and supporting retailers in developing ecommerce expertise. Building collaboration through information sharing, market insight, networking and events, we’re bringing the industry together to develop best practice for an omnichannel future.


Our current events

Trend Forecasting & Analysis Masterclass: For Fashion & FMCG Retail Business - London

On Thursday 9th November we have the Mastering the Art or Science of forecasting trends can be an essential asset for any fashion or FMCG retail businesses. This immersive masterclass is dedicated to unravelling the intricacies of trend forecasting in the ever-evolving world of fashion & FMCG retail.

Designed for design, marketing and retail professionals, this masterclass provides a comprehensive understanding of the processes, tools, and methodologies crucial for anticipating, predicting and adapting to upcoming trends.

From analysing historical data to interpreting cultural shifts and technological advancements, participants will learn to navigate the dynamic landscape of trend prediction with precision and creativity. Expert-led panels, interactive workshops, and case studies will equip attendees with the skills and knowledge needed to anticipate trends, innovate product lines, and strategically position their brand in an ever-changing market. Join us to uncover the secrets of trend forecasting and stay at the forefront of the fashion & FMCG retail business.

Learning areas, we hope to cover:

  • Basic principles of trend analysis
  • How accurate are trend forecasting agencies?
  • Trend analysis & forecasting for design teams
  • Trend analysis & forecasting for marketing teams
  • Trend analysis & forecasting for ecommerce / retail teams
  • Short term trends to anticipate.
  • Longer terms trends to anticipate.

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AI in Fashion Retail: Mastering the Future of the Style business - Manchester

Join our exclusive masterclass, “AI in Fashion Retail: Mastering the Future of the Style business” on Thursday 7th December.

This session is designed for professionals and enthusiasts in the fashion retail sector seeking to revolutionise their businesses using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

In this comprehensive and interactive workshop, participants will explore the transformative impact of AI across various aspects of the fashion industry, including trend forecasting, customer personalisation, supply chain optimisation, and retail operations.

Industry experts will share insights and thoughts of how to harness the potential of AI to enhance decision-making, drive sales, and elevate the overall customer experience. Discover how AI is reshaping the future of fashion business and gain the knowledge and tools to stay ahead in this dynamic and competitive market.

Learning areas, we hope to cover:

  • What are the benefits of AI in fashion retail?
  • Effects on supply chain management
  • Benefits to marketing teams
  • How it may change the design process
  • Potential challenges to business?
  • Effects on the human workforce
  • Homogenisation
  • A look at the immediate future of AI

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SHOPLINE is recognised as Asia’s leading modern commerce platform. Offering an extensive suite of native technologies, resources, and strategic partnerships, SHOPLINE is dedicated to empowering merchants to achieve success. With SHOPLINE, brands and retailers have access to robust omnichannel solutions encompassing ecommerce, social commerce, and point-of-sale. Read More at Shopline  

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27th October 2023

Threedium, which specialises in 3D/AR high-fidelity assets has closes an $11m Series A funding round. The round was led by Interpublic Group and Olma Partners with additional support from Mesh Consensys, Reflexive Capital, Nirvana Family Office, Lyra Ventures, Edenbase, and Kinisis Venture Fund I. Read more at Mobile Marketing Magazine

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Diverse internet rules to become law

27th October 2023

With years of debate, the government’s controversial Online Safety Bill, which aims to make the internet safer for children, has now become law. It seeks to force all tech firms to take more responsibility for the content on their platforms. Read more at BBC Online Safety Bill: divisive internet rules become law – BBC News… Read more »

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