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We are a member-led group dedicated to encouraging and supporting retailers in developing ecommerce expertise. Building collaboration through information sharing, market insight, networking and events, we’re bringing the industry together to develop best practice for an omnichannel future.


Our current events

Humanizing E-commerce

As retailers compete to deliver the best possible experience for their customers, every part of the customer journey needs to be examined to find ways to surprise and delight. The end of the customer journey, from payments to delivery, is the perfect opportunity to create that exceptional customer experience, but is also one of the hardest parts to control!

In this session, we’ll hear from an expert panel who will help examine this crucial stage of the journey and how it can used as a tool to grow sales and loyalty.

Topics Covered

  • Where do you consider the “beginning of the end” of the customer journey to be?
  • What impact can a positive experience at this stage of the journey have on the customer?
  • On the flip side – is it fair to say that this is the part of the journey with the most potential for customer dissatisfaction?
  • How can a business go about creating a best-in-class experience for customers at the end of the journey?
  • Who do you think does this stage particularly well or in a particularly innovative way?
  • What developments do you see in the future that will impact the end of the customer journey?

Panel Session Speakers:

Catherine Erdly, Founder, Future of Retail, Future Retail

Davina Lines, Managing Director and Founder, Ecommerce Club

Who should attend: This event is free for retailers, ecommerce brands and consultants who are working with retailers (please state who you have recently worked with) and £35 for vendors in the retail technology or services sector.


Pre-event Networking from 6:00pm over drinks and pizza

Panel session 7.00pm

End 9.00pm

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Virtual Lunch: Closing the Loop on the Post Purchase Experience

For Fashion and Ecommerce retailers, returns are associated with huge amounts of time and cost and those who find ways to reduce the volume of their returns will save money and time. Innovative technologies can help reduce these high return rates whilst also keeping an eye on sustainability and green shipping options.

By using eCommerce and multi carrier shipping you can ship a higher number of packages at once for local carriers to deliver at the other end and also allow your customers to drive the carrier selection and still offer green friendly shipping options, branded tracking communications and branded portals which lets you continue to be on brand once packages have left the checkout.

Staying sustainable is also increasingly important for retailers and consumers so going paperless is key to the returns sector. ASOS have recently gone paperless and say that by doing so they could save 8,450 trees or 320,000kg of paper.

Customers are looking for a smart and simple way to send back unwanted items and retailers the tools to learn from their returns data.

Areas covered at today’s webinar

Best practice logistics

End to end customer journey

Green shipping, sustainable paperless returns, low Co2 footprints and more

Meeting current customer expectations

Policy and returns

Event details

Date: Tuesday 10th November

Time: 12pm midday

Duration: 1 hour

Guest Criteria: Invited guests should be senior decision makers such as Heads of Ecommerce, Heads of Logistics, COO’s from fashion, ecommerce and retail brands with over £5m turnover. If you haven’t received an invitation but feel that you fit the criteria feel free to apply for a place and we will confirm if you are a match.

As a thank you for your attendance our partner Smartfreight will send you a £15 voucher for Uber Eats so you can buy yourself a lunch on us.

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